Dr. Louis M. Steinberg
6050 Boulevard East, Suite LE
West New York, NJ 07093
(201) 662-2020

E-Mail: louis@drlmsteinberg.com



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Dr. Louis M. Steinberg

OUR MISSION is a commitment to offering extraordinary care based on biological principles. By providing an exceptionally warm environment, using the latest technology, we can help restore a better quality of life.

WELCOME TO OUR PRACTICE! We offer comfortable, gentle care and promptness to serve all your health needs. As a clinician who supports all treatments based on sound science, there are many modalities that differ from what you may have known previously. We believe in establishing an ongoing relationship with our patients in order to achieve and maintain your optimal health. You can relax knowing you have chosen a professional with a sincere interest in your concerns. It's important for you to feel confident about our qualifications.

You can count on a professional, highly trained team! The staff is committed to the kind of teamwork that shows respect and honors patients. Their vision of success is to support patients with clear listening and understanding, while offering special empathy and treatment. They are competent to answer any of your questions.

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